AWAJUR, AWAGROUP’s legal counsel. Protect potential - and minimize risks.
Questions regarding taxes, business economics and law are often merged. The law professionals at AWAJUR are at your side when your potential is not only to be supported, but also legally safeguarded.

With our expert knowledge and long-standing experience, we support small and mid-sized businesses in particular with regard to questions involving company law, contract law, succession or in fiscal matters.

Company Law

Here in particular, you profit from the AWAGROUP’s bundled knowhow. Whether GmbH, AG or partnership: The selection of the business form is closely connected to tax aspects. Jointly, we prepare the best possible solution for you – and draft the respective contracts.


Legal Succession

A plan for legal succession is an absolute necessity for preserving and safeguarding assets. Obscure arrangements can lead to disputes, an unwanted decrease in assets and avoidable tax burdens. We assist you in carrying out your wishes and with the appropriate structuring.


Contract Law

Contracts regulate the relationships between you, your customers, employees, suppliers and other market participants. Our experts help you to compose your contracts such that risks are minimized, opportunities increased and legal pitfalls – such as invalid clauses – are avoided.


Representation before Tax Courts and the BFH (Federal Fiscal Court)

Should an event require it, our qualified tax attorneys – in close cooperation with our tax consultants - advocate your interests before the tax authorities, in fiscal court proceedings, in matters of fines and penalties.


Do you have a legal problem or interest in our services as legal counsel? Then please contact Dr. Achim Walk, Tel. +49 89 20 000 50-0.